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Community Distributed Generation (CDG)

The CDG is a new model based on generation of renewable energy through a system belonging to several users with independent supply points within the concession area of the same Distributor, which is injected into the public distribution grid, generating a credit that is then pro-rated and transferred to the co-owners and deducted from their electricity bills by the Distributor.

CDG incorporates an innovative concept that allows the development of medium-scale projects, with all the benefits that this brings. It is another alternative for self-consumption generation, in this case remotely, and expands the opportunities for access to clean energy for all types of users (residential, commercial, industrial, rural users, etc.). This takes advantage of economies of scale and generates an efficient distribution system.

At the same time, it fosters regional development by promoting other sources of generation, such as biogas, with all the environmental and social externalities that this entails. Finally, it contributes significantly to the displacement of fossil fuel generation and the consequent reduction of greenhouse gases emissions.

Many benefits are associated with this model, not only for the users who decide to be part of the system as co-owner users, but also for the electricity distributors and the public sector. Some of these benefits are mentioned below:

  • Reduction of the amount of electricity bills through the self-generation of renewable energy
  • Access to renewable generation for several users with no possibility under distributed generation: e.g., building apartments with no roof available
  • Economy of scale and better utilisation of available locations
  • Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions
  • Renewable energy generation for industries. Final product customers value
  • Community sense of belonging
  • Local employment
  • Cooperative’s empowerment and diversification
  • Academic purposes


We are pioneers in the development of comprehensive models for Community Distributed Generation. We are currently in the process of construction and development of more than 10 MW in Córdoba.

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